Well, hello! And thank you for joining me. My name’s Lizzy. What’s yours? Oh that’s a lovely name. And how have you been?

Enough about you. This site is all about ME! ME, I tell you! I act, I write, I sometimes comede. I’m based in London but love to travel. Starting to sound like a dating profile (not that I read lots of those, you understand…), so I’ll get to the point. I’ve just returned from an exciting adventure combining travel with performing, taking two shows, yes, TWO shows to the Adelaide Fringe in February-March 2014. Eek! And, most emphatically, Woo!

Having returned to the UK, I then decided to take ANOTHER two shows to the Edinburgh Fringe in August (What? And, most emphatically, WHY?).

On this site you can read more about the shows and maybe a bit more about me if you felt so inclined. If you don’t, here are some links to my online dating profiles… I mean, ahem, links to my most recent shows:


Overlooked-EdFringe-BrochurHave you ever felt undervalued? Ignored? Overlooked? Three-time Edinburgh Fringe performer and Argus Angel Award-winner Lizzy Mace presents a series of endearingly awkward oddball underlings – from the fourth bear in the Goldilocks story to the disgruntled children’s TV presenter and her psychopathic sock puppets.

Having wowed audiences at Adelaide Fringe, the show had its UK premiere at Brighton Fringe, where in 2012 one of Lizzy’s previous shows, Rom Com Con – written and performed with Juliette Burton – won an Argus Angel Award for Excellence and was ‘Top Nominee‘ for Best Comedy at The Latest Festival Awards.


The CleekSketch! Improv! In-jokes! You’re either in or you’re out. Or you’re part of The Cleek. The most exciting collaboration to come out of Chicago’s Second City Training Center since… well, the last one… Featuring award-winning performers from the UK, US and Australia. The Cleek. Say cheek.

In July 2013, Lizzy spent six weeks studying improvisation and sketch comedy at the legendary Second City Training Center, Chicago. She has since teamed up with her classmates to bring a whole new hour of comedy to the Edinburgh Fringe 2014!

Ok, seeing as you asked so nicely and read all the other stuff, here’s the professional bit:


Lizzy Mace studied at Cambridge and went on to train in acting at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, since when she has focused on writing and performing comedy. Lizzy’s debut 50-minute solo show Crush was well-received by reviewers and audience alike at the Edinburgh Fringe 2010, with one critic describing it as “a charming presentation into the nature of romantic crushes … one of the more fruitful hours spent in the smaller rooms of the Free Fringe” (Chortle.co.uk). Rom Com Con, the first show written and performed in partnership with Juliette Burton in 2011, became an award-winning 5-star show and has had huge success in the UK at Fringe festivals from 2011-2013 and on a mini-tour of comedy venues across the country in early 2013.

As a comedy actor, following her performance as Mrs Smith in The Bald Prima Donna at the New Players’ Theatre, Lizzy was invited to take part in The Sitcom Trials at Leicester Square Theatre. Her performance as Middie Paradock in A Resounding Tinkle was described as ”hilarious” by uktheatre.net. She has also previously played to sell-out audiences with comedy sketch groups Moulin Exes and Messrs Comedy, and with improvisers The Amazing Spectacles. She regularly reads for the London Comedy Writers and works with immersive comedy performers Gideon Reeling.

Lizzy is now building an impressive list of stand-up gigs for a new comic; since making her debut on the London open-mic circuit in January 2012 she has already performed spots at the Adelaide Fringe, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, in Chicago, and on home turf at the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringes.

In July and August 2013, Lizzy spent 6 weeks studying improvisation and sketch comedy at the legendary Second City Training Center in Chicago, and since teamed up with award-nominated director Logan Murray to devise her new character-based solo show to tour Fringe festivals in 2014.

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