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Posted by Lizzy Mace on Jul 19, 2010 in Crush |

It’s nearly two weeks since I started my Crush of the Day feature on Twitter and I still have plenty left to count down to the Fringe! Follow me to join the conversation, laugh at my increasingly weird crushes, and share your own crush history – if you dare! It’ll also be the best place to get the latest developments with the show once I’m in Edinburgh.

I’m a bit new to Twitter. I’m a Twitter newbie (Twoobie?). It still feels a lot like an online version of talking to myself. Mind you, it was only last week that I discovered how to see if someone has sent me a reply. Which could explain that issue… One thing it is very good for is eavesdropping on conversations between celebrities. I’ll give it that.

Join my Twitter Competition (Competwittion?)! I need a unique hashtag to promote my show during the run. To non-Twitterites, a hashtag is a word or phrase starting with a hash sign (#) which you can include in each post to identify what it’s about. It lets Twitter users follow a topic by searching for posts containing a specific hashtag. It’s nothing to do with hash. Unless your hashtag is #hash. Anyway, I need one for Crush and I want your suggestions! #crush on its own is already in use for posts about crushes (who would’ve thought?!). I need one that specifically identifies Crush the show without using lots of characters (which rules out #crushtheshow for example). Post your suggestions as comments below, send them to me on Twitter, or Facebook. I might also ask for audience suggestions at the previews this coming weekend. Yes, in person. Weird. Ok… Ready… steady… go!

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