One small step for Earth Day

Posted by Lizzy Mace on Apr 26, 2016 in Environment |

Last Friday was Earth Day and to mark the day I decided to Tweet a few of the small changes I’ve been making this year towards living more sustainably. Here they all are in one place, at the request of one of my Facebook friends. I intend to keep this updated and re-post it regularly as I make other small changes.

In sharing these I hope that you will feel inspired to take #onesmallstep of your own. You might want to tackle a different area first – for example, I don’t often get takeaway coffees but if you are in the habit of grabbing one every day on the way to work, you might find that getting a reusable cup is the biggest difference you can make with just #onesmallstep. You might also find that the solutions that work for me don’t suit you, and might have to try some other options. But I hope that the ideas below give you some starting points.

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