Still not planned your Fringe? Improvise!

Posted by Lizzy Mace on Feb 15, 2018 in Adelaide Fringe, Improv

Fringe is upon us already and you may be forgiven if you’ve not planned anything yet. In fact, you’re in good company. Dozens of performers still haven’t planned what they’re doing either. Not even onstage! Yes, there’s a huge range of improvised theatre and comedy happening at Fringe this year, so why not do as they do and wing your Fringe?

We asked some of our favourite improvisers what they love most about improv and how you could apply it to your Fringe experience.

Two Idiots, No Script – Awkwardly Quiet (Lizzy Mace)

Improv is freedom – freedom from rules, from frameworks, from “fitting in”! In our show “Two Idiots, No Script”, we have literally no idea what’s going to happen when we step onstage. Sometimes it feels like theatre, sometimes like a sketch show, sometimes like two weirdos having a chat. We let it be what it is. During Fringe, let yourself do what you feel like doing in each moment – be that theatre, sketch, or chat!

Maestro – On The Fly (Dane McFarlane)

Say Yes to opportunity. Our Maestro players don’t know what awaits them up on stage each night, but, like the Fringe, embrace the chance to try something new, exciting and unknown.

Death at Hogwarts/ Unplotted Potter – Scriptease (Kirsty Wigg)

Anything can happen! In our magical Potter-inspired improv shows almost anything can and will happen to our characters and the ride is always wild and exciting. Allow yourself to be guided along the winding path of Fringe. Take a flyer! Listen to recommendations from artists! Or just stay at one venue and watch 3 shows in a row!

Galactic Trek – ImproCity (Steve Brady)

Definitely don’t over plan your Fringe experience. Take a chance on smaller, more intimate shows. Make a last minute decision to see something you wouldn’t normally go to. Embrace uncertainty! That’s the essence of Fringe.

Improv Against Humanity (Damien Vosk)

In “Improv Against Humanity” we are constantly dealing with crazy suggestions designed to make most improv troupes crash and burn. By actively being inspired and supporting each other we can always find that extra layer of humour. So go see that experimental show – the one that friend of yours who’s the odd one out wants to drag you to – but instead of hating it, find what you enjoyed! Then drag them along to “Improv Against Humanity,” you’ll love it!

Tales of Adventure (Emma Knights)

With “Tales of Adventure” the joy of improv is seeing children using their imaginations to create their own story. There are no props or sets so what they see is whatever they come up with in their heads!

Improvised Improv – Changing Jennifers (Eden Trebilco)

I’m not a talented enough actor to make a living in that field, so I do improv. You’ve probably got lots of good shows you want to see. Great! But chances are they’re all sold out, so why not settle for something made up on the spot, just like I did? At the very least it’ll be funny.

14th Theatresports(TM) Clash of the Titans – Impro NOW! (Anne Mayer)

The joy of improv is in taking a risk and realising the result doesn’t matter – because when you “succeed” it’s an amazing feeling … and the audience loves it. When you “fail/make a mistake” it’s often hilarious … and the audience loves it. So take a risk when choosing a show! When you “hit” you’ll love it and if you “miss” you can laugh at the experience and it makes a great story.

So are you ready to embrace the improv approach to Fringe? Embrace uncertainty? Embrace the unknown? Embrace the spectacular (and the spectacular failures)? Or is all this talk of embracing making you want to sit down and cool off in a lovely air-conditioned venue and see how the professionals do it? From improvised period drama to sci-fi, made-up murder mysteries to pure theatre, and from the kid-friendly to the definitely-leave-your-kids-somewhere-else, this year’s Fringe provides a wealth of opportunities to learn how to take life moment-by-moment. Oh, and just in case leaving it all unplanned is a bit too much, here’s a handy planner.

Improv Planner Adelaide Fringe 2018

Tickets for all shows are available at FringeTIX: https://adelaidefringe.com.au/fringetix/


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