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Posted by Lizzy Mace on Aug 3, 2010 in Crush |


A big thank you to everyone who came to the previews in London and Cambridge last weekend! I learnt a lot from getting the show up on its feet. It has now been honed, re-honed, tried, and tested, and we are ready for Edinburgh! (By “we”, I mean “me and my laptop”. Or more correctly “my laptop and I”.) Over the three performances the audience gradually turned from 100% people-I-know to about 90% people-I-don’t-know so it has been a brilliant way to ease myself into the Fringe scariness.


While I’m here I’d like to shout out to the Cheddar Chica who has written the first review for Crush on her blog. Thanks Donna!

There’s also been mini-reviews on Twitter and Facebook from other members of the audience – thank you all! As it’s just little old me doing all my marketing, word-of-mouth will be essential for the show during the Edinburgh run, so it is all much appreciated.

I spent quite some hours yesterday posting listings on various websites that haven’t yet syndicated from the Fringe site. There are lots of sites that accept reviews from the public these days too, so if you’ve been to the show and enjoyed it, please take five minutes to spread the word on sites such as,, and

And as always, Tweet about it! I’m @LizzyMace and the hashtag for my show is (drum roll…) #crushhh to match this website address.

I still haven’t really figured Twitter out to be honest. Yesterday I succeeded in linking my Tweets into my Facebook status updates. Honestly, when I’ve seen people do this before, a little part of me has scoffed at the laziness. Surely these are different audiences, I thought to myself. People on Facebook are friends, it’s personal. People on Twitter may not be friends, it’s public. But then again a lot of the people following me are friends… And those who aren’t might well be soon… Or they might just for some reason or other be interested in my every thought… But is that reason enough to let them have my every thought? I don’t know. In any case, I came to the conclusion that yes, it is lazy to link them, but I’m about to go to the world’s biggest arts festival, and I’m not going to have time to give two different accounts of my life up there. Laziness wins for August. It’s all public in Edinburgh.

By the way, am I supposed to follow everyone who follows me on Twitter? I wouldn’t do the same thing in the real world. That would be weird. But then, it’s not the real world, it’s t’world of Twitter and there’s different rules I’m still figuring out. Is this one of those different rules?


Now to the seaviews… I’m about to jump on a train to Edinburgh. Yes, it’s all happening! And the first little bit of track heading north out of Lancaster is one of my favourite bits of rail travel in this country.  Watching Morecambe Bay open out beside the train always gives me a little bit of calm.

Incidentally, my other favourite bit of rail travel is also heading towards Edinburgh, on the opposite side of the country. There’s a little moment where the train is skimming the cliff edge near Newcastle and suddenly between the rocks there’s a glimpse of a tumbledown stone cottage on a ledge half-way down to the sea. Then just as suddenly it’s gone again. It’s a special moment. Look out for it if you’re on the east coast line heading to the Fringe any time this month. Or if you’re just heading north any time ever. It’s lovely.

And for those of you on the motorways… Erm, you just get motorways…

Yay for trains! Toot toot!

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